My Life and Toys

Brian Levant, the producer of television classics like Happy Days and Mork & Mindy and the director of the blockbuster films Beethoven, The Flintstones, Jingle All the Way and Are We There Yet?, presents highlights from his massive toy and Pop Culture archives. Levant gives a backstage tour of his long career and encounters with icons ranging from Groucho Marx, Buffalo Bob Smith, The Lone Ranger, Spielberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ice Cube, the Cleavers, Elizabeth Taylor and Captain Kangaroo all the way to Scooby-Doo.

Featuring over 1,000 photographs by acclaimed commercial photographer Joe Pellegrini, My Life and Toys brings new life to the objects old, new, tiny, giant, shiny and battered, characters familiar and obscure – assembled over a half century of collecting, along with one-of-a-kind props, photos and designs from Levant’s hit projects.

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My Life and Toys

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