Freight Train Graffiti

FREIGHT TRAIN GRAFFITI: Expanded 2nd Edition Book, 2023
Full-Color Hardcover, 488 Pages
9 x 12 in (22.86 x 30.48cm) 
Written by Roger Gastman, Darin Rowland & Ian Sattler 

FREIGHT TRAIN GRAFFITI, a 2023 version of the acclaimed 2006 book by Roger Gastman, Darin Rowland and Ian Sattler. Featuring 500+ additional images, larger trim size and updated hardcover, it serves as a bigger and bolder 2nd edition to the original book – heralded as the definitive history of freight train graffiti. 

“After several years of thinking about how we should reprint this book—it finally happened. We worked with old CDs of images, Quark files that would not open, and other technical issues of computers past to rebuild FREIGHT TRAIN GRAFFITI the way we always imagined it could be while staying true to the original era covered and including another 500-plus images,” shares Roger Gastman.

The book is packed with 1,500+ full-color illustrations and features in-depth interviews with more than 125 train artists and “writers.” Hundreds of never-before-seen photographs span the style’s evolution, while the authoritative text from an all-star team of authors provides unprecedented perspective, including a written history of “monikers” and the precursors of graffiti, developed by hobos and rail workers to communicate en route. The book serves as a tome of inspiration for artists, graphic designers, urban culture buffs, and anyone who has ever been interested in graffiti.

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Freight Train Graffiti

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