Subversion and Spectacle

Subversion and Spectacle tracks the various periods and aesthetic sensibilities that mark Clark’s six decade art career. Through his lived experience as an artist with a Native American background, extensive museum training, and deep immersion within every insurgent artistic movement of the Western postwar cultural tradition, he has long brought a mystical and an activist perspective to the canon. This book takes a look at his career starting with the Washington Color School in the 1960s all the way to his political and pop culture artwork of today. The book includes essays from Clark’s friends and some of the contemporary art world’s most prolific historians. It also features gallery installation photos from his 2021 exhibit at the Station Museum of Contemporary Art in Houston, Texas, as well as siloed art spanning his 60 year career; sections include Washington Color School, Architecture. Indian Chiefs, Oranges, Presidential portraits (George Washington has his own section), and Mr. Peanut. Each distinct subject that he approaches feels like it could stand alone, yet they all connect and evolve throughout his career.

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Subversion and Spectacle

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